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Dear Mr. Thorbjørn Jagland,
The Secretary General of the Council of Europe

We, as the Kurdish communities around the world and their friends, have no information about Mr. Ocalan since September 2016 and, therefore, we are deeply concerned about this. Visit applications made by lawyers and family members have all unlawfully been rejected by the Turkish authorities.

In order to break the state of incommunicado imposed on Mr. Ocalan, fifteen Kurdish political activists, politicians and academics launched on 17th December an indefinite hunger strike in Strasbourg. They demand that Mr. Ocalan’s family and lawyers be allowed to visit him, or, CPT send a delegation to pay a visit to Kurdish leader. They also request the Council of Europe to pay attention to this crucial matter, urge CPT play its role, and pressure the Turkish authorities to allow family and lawyers’ visit.

Hereby, I declare the demand of these strikers as mine and urgently call upon your excellency to take necessary measures in this respect.

Your Sincerely





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