Hunger strike in Strasbourg visited by many organisations

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Hunger strikers in Strasbourg are receiving solidarity visits by many organisations from all over Europe.

The Revolutionary Party, the European Federation of Exiles, the Federation of Yazidi Associations (NAV-YEK), the Yazidi Free Women’s Movement (TAJ-E), the Shengal Council in the Diaspora, the Yazidi Artists’ Platform, the Islamic Society of Kurdistan (CÊK), TEV-ÇAND artists, the Freiburg Martyrs’ Families Association and members of the Drancy-93 District Paris People’s Assembly visited the hunger strikers in Strasbourg.

Kurdish politician Serhat Bucak visited the hunger strike, as well as artist Maruf.

Serhat Bucak greeted the protesters and said that the history of Kurds and Kurdistan is shaped by great resistance.

President of the Shengal Council, Fikret Igrek, said he had just arrived from Sulaymaniyah and added that he had brought the greetings of the hunger strike activists in the South Kurdistan city.

TAJ-E’s Zero Al spoke on behalf of the people of Shengal saying that they will be taking part in these actions.

On behalf of the Revolutionary Party and the European Council of Exiles, Hüseyin Atas recalled that the Carthaginian commander Hannibal who said ‘either we find a path or we’ll make one’ and added that the hunger strikes strengthened the wave of resistance against fascism.


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