“Resistance against isolation and fascism is not only the responsibility of hunger strikers, but also of all of us.


“Resistance against isolation & fascism is not only the responsibility of hunger strikers, it is also the responsibility of all of us”

The Kurdish journalist, Yusuf Alkan, has returned to Strasbourg where 15 Kurds have been on an unlimited hunger strike for 18 days [December 4th]. In his article, he calls for active solidarity with the strikers.

“Resistance against isolation and fascism is not only the responsibility of hunger strikers, but also of all of us.

The hunger strike in Strasbourg continues on the 18th day. Yes, on the 18th day. Now, faces are changing, activists are weakening and the situation is becoming more critical every day. The morale of the activists is as it was on the first day, but headaches, fatigue, fatigue and health problems have appeared.

I wrote the atmosphere of the previous visit and the profile of the activists. It was just the air I was breathing. Two weeks have passed. The excitement remains the same, unchanged. But in the past few days, the increase in vital risks has made the air heavier.

In general, the profiles of the activists and their responsibility are a force that will affect the country’s politics[Turkey] in the coming days. As the days go by, the gravity and meaning of the action becomes more visible.

Erdogan and his war cabinet were not satisfied with the deaths and massacres, or even genocides were being prepared. The “Sri Lankan” model had proven this. Any unforeseen massacres, or, I would say, even if we knew it, Öcalan’s warnings about possible massacres, were an obstacle to this preparation. In fact, the freedom of Öcalan and the freedom of Kurdistan, in terms of the struggle for freedom, express an intertwining. The profound significance of the objective of the hunger strike is proportional to the scale of the struggle against States.

I say states; because Germany’s ban on Öcalan posters, the imposition by the United States of a Rojava without Ocalan (the great Ocalan’s poster in Raqqa showed us these ideological conflicts) and the three years of funeral silence created in Imrali become an expression of the Kurds’ ideological and national legitimacy in this action.

Therefore, this action is not a fair attitude towards the Turkish State or an internal self-critical attitude. It is an attitude towards the international conspiracy, which is still ongoing, and its conspirators. So, the political translation of the action; “There can be no conception of a Middle East and Kurdistan without Ocalan. »

On the other hand, the hunger strike initiated by Leyla Güven has entered a critical phase and the action has reached a certain level, while the country is playing the three apes. Can we reduce blinding darkness by writing articles or offering support when bodies are killed? The hunger strike is perhaps the most passive but powerful form of action that has existed since humanity began seeking justice. Will the isolation we want to pass over the country and human dignity like a black blanket; Will the tied languages, deaf ears and blind fascism be broken by the determination of the revolutionaries who put their bodies to death? Is this an appropriate action or will it save the country from fascism?

Yes! Maybe that will be the only valid answer; YES! Fascism will be defeated by these militants.

Yes, because these strikers are the most difficult people in difficult times. A hunger strike is the action of a strong spirit and will. It is the responsibility of every writer, politician and intellectual to make it public.

Yes, because fascism is afraid of sound and strikers emit a powerful sound when they walk. There is a people who will follow them, an ideology that will keep them in action and a big heart to keep the action alive. It was the revolutionaries who put you, me, everyone and the values of socialism in their hearts.

They are the children of a people, whose very existence was ignored, who created the fire of the national resurrection festival with their bodies and three matches in the harshest conditions of the coup, who gave rise to the hope of a people buried in the mass graves of Mount Ağrı (…).

Yes, it is the spark of this action that will defeat fascism and Erdogan. Like the July 14 that destroyed the worst persecution, this action will put an end to the government of death and hatred.

Activists have proven their worth with their stories and postures. The question we should be asking ourselves here is what do we do? Leaving action or responsibility on the shoulders of strikers is problematic in every respect. Therefore, writing, disseminating and taking action, appropriating the right demands, will be decisive for the success of the action and the consequences it can have.

Societies move forward with their own history and individuals give direction to history. If we sail in this direction, isolation will be broken, fascism will be defeated. This river is flowing towards freedom. Whoever puts a stone in front of this flow will be drowned in the tumultuous anger of the people. »

Yusuf Alkan, January 4th, 2019


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