People from Sweden visit hunger strikers in Strasbourg

via ANF-News

Hunger strikes in support to Leyla Güven’s action to demand the end of isolation against Abdullah Öcalan are spreading around Europe.

After DTK co-chair and HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven announced she had gone on hunger strike demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, in dozens of cities similar protests began.

Indefinite hunger strikes were launched by 14 activists in Strasbourg as well as by political prisoners in jails across Turkey and North Kurdistan. In South Kurdistan Nasir Yagiz has been on hunger strike for 61 days, while Imam Sis is fasting in Wales.

KCDK-E co-chair Yuksel Koc is also on hunger strike in Strasbourg for 34 days.

Visits to hunger strikers in Strasbourg are ongoing as people from all over Europe come to pay their respect and extend their solidarity to the activists.

Özlem Cengiz and Canan Cengiz, from the Swedish city of Uppsala, came to visit the protesters in Strasbourg.

Özlem Cengiz stated that they are carrying out diplomacy work in Uppsala, they organized a march in their city and have spread information about the hunger strike carried out by Leyla Güven, reiterating that her demand is the people’s demand.

Cengiz said the Swedish left, socialists and liberals also joined the march.

Özlem Cengiz noted that they went to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and had meetings with the Swedish Parliament and various civil society organizations.

She said they will convey the content of their talks with the hunger strikers once they are back in Sweden.

Pointing out that Leyla Güven’s condition has reached a critical stage, Cengiz said Amnesty International should be urged to intervene.

On the other hand, Canan Cengiz said that Leyla Güven’s action as well as the other hunger strikes should be paid more attention to by international press.

Canan Cengiz emphasized that the demands of Kurdish activists are the demand of the Kurdish people and everyone who wants democracy, and he pointed out that Europe should put pressure on the Turkish state.

Cengiz emphasized that the Turkish state must meet the hunger strikers’ demand urgently.


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