Yagiz resolute as his health deteriorates on day 63

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Hunger strikes demanding the end of isolation regime on Abdullah Öcalan continue in Bashur, South Kurdistan.

Hunger strikes against the isolation continue to spread in South Kurdistan. Having been on a hunger strike for 63 days, Nasir Yagiz’s health continues to deteriorate. Yagiz said: “Our protests will continue until the Leader is free.”


The hunger strike launched under the lead of the HDP South Kurdistan Representation Office on November 21, 2018 has entered day 63.

With the statement released today in Hewler, the hunger strike was taken over by the 32nd group.

The health of HDP Member Nasir Yagiz, who has been on an unlimited nonalternating hunger strike for 63 days since the action started, has reached a critical level. Yagiz said he will continue his hunger strike despite having critical medical issus like headaches, nausea and high blood pressure.

HDP Representative Abid Ike said: “We are calling on politicians, NGOs and the people in Bashur to support Leyla Guven, Nasir Yagiz and all hunger strikers protesting the isolation. Guven and Yagiz are at a critical level. We wanted to launch a petition in Hewler to reach thousands to break the isolation, but the administration did not allow it. We consider this unacceptable.”


Children in the Martyr Rustem Cudi (Maxmur) Refugee Camp sent a letter to HDP Member Nasir Yagiz in support.

Nasir Yagiz spoke about his feelings for the messages the children sent and said: “The students of the Mehmed Karasungur School in the Maxmur Camp have sent me a letter which has made me extremely happy. Children growing up with such sentiment and seeing and voicing the truth is very important. The children’s message shows that the invaders are not able to interject our children’s minds.”

Yagiz said the hunger strikes will continue until the isolation is ended, and continued:

“I promise the children that our protests will continue until the Leader is free, as they expressed in their letter. We will expand our actions every day. All our efforts are so the Leader can be physically free.

I will follow Martyr Hayri, Ali Cicek and Akif. We will not abandon our cause. We will strive so our children can live free on their own lands with their Leader. The Leader’s freedom is the freedom of Kurds and Kurdistan.”

The letter the children sent is as follows:

“Our letter is for Nasir Yagiz, who has been on an unlimited nonalternating hunger strike for 63 days. We hope Yagiz, who has braved death, will prevail. We hope that the isolation imposed upon Leader Apo will be ended. Kemal Pir, Hayri Durmus, Akif Yilmaz and Ali Cicek prevailed through their resistance. We wish success for Nasir Yagiz. For the last 3 months, many of our friends throughout Kurdistan have been on a hunger strike like Leyla Guven and Nasir Yagiz. The Kurdish people will defeat fascism with their will. As children in the Maxmur Camp, we love Leyla Guven and Nasir Yagiz. We salute the hunger strikers. Greetings from the 5th Grade in the Mehmed Karasungur Elementary School.”


The hunger strike launched by the Mesopotamian Workers’ Association in Suleymaniye on December 14 against the isolation continues. A group of people from Shengal visited the hunger strike.

The people of Shengal said they support the hunger strikers and demand freedom for Ocalan.

Hunger strike activist Ebdulla Eli said: “We derive strength from the support of the people. Our protest will continue until victory. We will break the isolation imposed upon Ocalan with our protests.”


Kurdistan Women’s Union called for support for the hunger strikers and held a press statement in Sulaymaniyah. Kurdistan Women’s Union members and administrators attended the protest.

The statement was read by Kurdistan Women’s Union member and Tewar Journal Editor Kiner Ebdullah.

Kiner Ebdullah called for support for the hunger strikers and said: “The European Union and international public should be pressured to have Leyla Guven’s demands accepted.”


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