Strasbourg: Our resistance will continue until isolation ends

via ANF-News

In a joint statement the 14 hunger strikers in Strasbourg confirmed that their action will continue.

Hunger strikers in Strasbourg, including KCDK-E co-chair Yüksel Koç, Urfa former deputy Dilek Öcalan and journalist Gülistan Çiya Ike, said that their resistance will go on.

In the statement called “We will continue our hunger strike until isolation ends”, the hunger strikers underlined the fact that the Erdoğan dictatorship was acting desperately faced with the international response to the hunger strike against isolation.

The statement warned that the release of HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven was a new war game devised to break the resistance.

“It pleased us – said the statement – to see the release of Leyla Güven on the 79th day of a hunger strike she led against isolation.

Clearly Erdoğan has been troubled by the international influence of the hunger strikes in Europe, Hewlêr, Wales, Duisburg, the Netherlands and Toronto. In order to break the resistance, he resorted to a new dirty war trick.”

The hunger strike was launched to demand an end to isolation

In the statement issued after the release of HDP Hakkari MP, the hunger strikers in Strasbourg reminded that the action was launched to demand an end to isolation against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

“Leyla Güven – added the statement – confirmed her determination to go on with the resistance and to continue the hunger strike when she replied to journalists: ‘I will continue this action because I started it not to be released but to end isolation.”

Leyla Güven, continued the statement “has said from the first day that the aim of her fast was to end isolation against Leader Öcalan. Isolation imposed on Leader Öcalan is imposed an all peoples, especially the people of Kurdistan.”

The statement also stressed that hunger strikes have spread around the world to counter Erdoğan regime and his genocidal policies.

Call to support the resistance

The statement recalled that not only Leyla Güven but also Nasır Yağız (who has reached the 67th day of fast) is determined to continue his hunger strike, despite his health condition.

Hunger strikers in Strasbourg called on everyone to support the resistance and play their part.


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