Solidarity visits to the hunger strikers in Strasbourg continue

via ANF-News

The indefinite and non-alternating hunger strike in Strasbourg is ongoing on the 42th day while visits to the hunger strikers continue.

The Kurdish hunger strike campaign demanding an end to the isolation of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan, continues.

Kurdish politician Leyla Güven has been on a hunger strike in Amed for 81 days, HDP member Nasır Yağız in Hewlêr (Erbil) for 68 days, the first group of hunger strikers in Turkish prisons for 43 days, 14 activists in Strasbourg for 42 days, İmam Şiş in Newport also 42 days. Further indefinite hunger strikes take place in Duisburg, The Hague, Canada and Maxmur in Southern Kurdistan.

In line with this campaign, 14 activists including the co-chair of the KCDK-E Yüksel Koç, Kurdish politician Mustafa Sarikaya, journalist Gulistan Çiya Ike, former HDP MP Dilek Ocalan have been on a hunger strike in Strasbourg for the past 42 days.

The Kurdish people and their friends in Europe, European institutions and representatives from the civil society and deputies of various political parties continue to visit the hunger strikers in Strasbourg.

On January 26, a group from the Kurdish People’s Council from the Norwegian capital, Oslo visited the activists on hunger strike.

‘There will be no freedom without resistance’

A member of the visiting group, Şoreş Sofî, greeted the hunger strikers and said: “We saw your high spirits. We are honored by your determination.” Sofî expressed his joy for the release from prison of Leyla Guven and added: “All political prisoners in Turkey should be freed. There will be no freedom without resistance. The Turkish state allowed Mehmet Ocalan to visit the Leader, and later on freed Leyla Guven. It means that the Turkish state retreated one step and also tried to undermine the hunger strike.”

Another member of the group, Ayser Yuce stated that they were inspired by the hunger strikers, and added: “The ongoing resistance has broken the silence of the Kurdish people.”

During the day, people’s council from Zurich, Kehl and Dortmund, Nancy, Oslo, CÎK executives, Kurdistan Yazidi Union (YEK), children’s choir from Saarbrucken, FEDA executives and journalist Faysal Dagli visited the hunger strikers in Strasbourg.


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