Women from Rojhilat send letter to Leyla Guven

via ANF-News

Women from Rojhilat wrote a letter to Leyla Guven and said, “We derive strength from your pro-freedom method and efforts, and we believe that we will tear down the walls and the dictatorial system.”

93 women from Rojhilat (East Kurdistan) have sent a letter to DTK Co-chair and HDP MP Leyla Guven who continues her hunger strike against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan.


The letter of the women from Rojhilat is as follows:

“Dear Comrade Leyla,

We as the women of Rojhilat Kurdistan salute you with all our heart and offer our love for your responsibility and will. You have continued your hunger strike for 83 days with great resistance. Even though we are physically far away from each other, your struggle for freedom and peace transcends limitations and brings us together. The struggle by you and your friends has removed all limitations and borders, we see ourselves closer than ever to you and all women who take on leading roles.

Comrade Leyla, your resistance against the fascist government and the patriarchal ideology is a resistance for all of humanity and has transcended all borders, turning into a phenomenon that can lend strength and will to all political movements, especially women’s movements who fight against a single-minded tyrannical government. You have dedicated yourself fully to a humane politics, and have created a new dimension in the resistance for all pro-freedom groups.


The patriarchal product of hegemony and fascism have been attacking the Middle East for a long time and have based their attacks on the capitalist system and neoliberalism. The current situation has become a great danger against women and the whole of society.

The government doesn’t respect their own laws, and has also been violating international law, as well as the 2015 resolution by the United Nations regarding prisoners. The strength, will, unity and leadership of women can be an alternative and a source of faith and hope against a tyrannical government. In this framework, we derive strength from your pro-freedom method and efforts, and we believe that we will tear down the walls and the dictatorial system.

We as women want to show that we understand the purpose of the hunger strikers and we support them with this letter. We are also calling on all activist, strong-minded and pro-freedom women, all women who fight for humanity and for peace, to lend their voices to yours, to break the silence and to fight for the freedom of all political prisoners.”


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