A song for ‘Leyla’

via ANF-News

Tens of artists sang a song called ‘Leyla’ in order to support Kurdish MP Leyla Guven who is on hunger strike to protest Ocalan’s isolation.

Co-chair of the DTK and HDP MP for Hakkari, Leyla Guven, is on the 93rd day of an indefinite hunger strike to demand the removal of aggravated isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan. The international solidarity with Leyla Guven is growing. Most recently a song has been dedicated to Leyla Guven; tens of artists sang for ‘Leyla’.

The song was composed by Fuat Kav, a witness of the death fast by political prisoners on July 14, 1984 in Number 5 Prison in Amed, North Kurdistan.

The singers for ‘Leyla’ are: Deniz Deman, Nilgün Başözdeş, Elenore Fourniau, Leman Stehn, Baran Bozyel, Nuray Balık, Ruken Yılmaz, Binewş Roj, Berivan Barcadurmuş, Gülistan Mousa, Perwin Ali, Sevdar Mousa, Xelil Xemgin, Ozan Seyidxan, Ozan Cömert, Ozan Emekçi, Ozan Serdar, Ferhat Tunç, Ozan Dilovan, Hesen Şerif, Necmeddin Xulamî, Rotînda Yetkiner, Baran Tezkorkmaz, Cuma Soner and Diyar Dersim.

Leyla Guven has shared the song on her social media account with the following message: “I thank each beautiful heart for this great song sang by many artists. Hoping to unite in days of peace, days we will dance to joyful music. So glad we have you.”

Below is the video of the song ‘Leyla’ in Kurdish and Turkish and with English subtitles;


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