Mayan women support Guven: We send our insurgence!

via ANF-News

Mayan women in Guatemala sent a message of solidarity to Leyla Guven and said, “We send you our strength, livelihood, joy and insurgence.”

Mayan women in Guatemala sent a message of solidarity to HDP MP Leyla Guven who has been on a hunger strike for 93 days.

The message said: “We send our warm love and greetings as the sisters of Maya, Xincas and Mestizas from Northern Guatemala. Today we are among women who come from a historic struggle as former fighters in the Guatemalan war. We send you our strnegth, livelihood, joy and insurgence.”

“We as Mayan women light our ceremonial bonfire,” said the message and continued:

“Your name will live with us. And women of the Kurdish movement will have their names here. Today we send you the healing power and the strength of the mountains, rocks big and small, rivers, volcanoes and historic women fighters. We send our embrace from here, so your body and spirit will be filled with power and energy, paths will continue to open for the struggle of peoples and women of the world, for their life and for justice.”


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