Women in North and East Syria against the isolation of Öcalan

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Thousands of women attended the rallies in Shehba, Aleppo, Qamishlo and Kobanê.

Kongreya Star has organised four rallies in many cities of North and East Syria to protest the international conspiracy against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and to support the hunger strike resistance led by Leyla Güven.

The HDP Hakkari MP, Leyla Güven, has been on hunger strike for 92 days.

Thousands of women attended the rallies in Shehba, Aleppo, Qamishlo and Kobanê.

Kongreya Star statement

Kongreya Star issued a statement detailing the actions promoted between 7 and 15 of February to mark the 20th anniversary of the capture of Öcalan. “Total resistance, action and struggle to counter total attacks”, said the statement, also commemorating the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in actions they carried out with the motto “You cannot black out our sun”.

The US and regional powers played a prominent role in the international conspiracy against Öcalan, said the statement and reminded that likewise powers such as Israel, Greece and Russia also took their place in the conspiracy. The statement added that the conspiracy continued uninterruptedly for 20 years through the aggravated isolation in Imralı Island.

“For 20 years, – said the statement – isolation against Leader Öcalan has affected the Kurdish people, women, young people, the peoples of the Middle East their rights and free will. The conspiracy wanted to bring and end to the struggle of our people, but the struggle of our leadership in Imralı for 20 years spoiled all the plans of the conspirators. Our leadership beat the conspirators by proposing the democratic, ecological and women’s libertarian paradigm.”

The statement underlined how “The fight against DAESH was led by women, victories were won and these were a further blow to the conspirators. The Rojava Revolution, which once again reaffirmed the role of women, being a women’s revolution, was the biggest response to the conspirators.”

Kongreya Star underlined the importance of the resistance led by Leyla Güven to break isolation.

Four rallies took place in so many cities in North and East Syria.


The rally in Qamishlo was held at the Heysem Kuço stadium.

After a minute’s silence for the memory of the martyrs for freedom, Kongreya Star Coordination Member Daliya Henan read the women organisation’ statement.

Kongreya Star Coordination Member, Foza Yusif, addressed the crowd at the rally. “For 20 years, – said Yusif – these people have been walking on the path of freedom and honor. Kurdish women and Mesopotamian women stand proudly against the international conspiracy. Today, the conspirators want to attack Northern and Eastern Syria and continue the conspiracy.”

Foza, underlining that the conspirators could not accept Öcalan’s ideas, continued: “We have developed the Democratic Nation project with this determination on our land and we have fought for our freedom. Our response to the conspiracy is best shown in the resistance led by Leyla Güven.”


Thousands of women gathered at the 19 July Park in the Euphrates region and protested the 15 February international conspiracy.

Asya Abdullah, from the Kongreya Star Coordination body, said: “We salute the resistance of women, especially the resistance of Leyla Güven, who has been on hunger strike for 92 days. Our people, who have resisted to achieve the freedom of Leader Apo for 20 years, will continue to resist. As women of Rojava, we will increase our struggle against the dirty policies towards women and strengthen the Democratic Nation project.”

After the speeches, the women marched towards the Free Women’s Square. The march ended with slogans.


Hundreds of Kurdish, Arab and Turkmen women joined the rally promoted in Ehdas, Shehba.

At the rally, an audio of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan talking about women’s perspectives on freedom, was aired.

Kongreya Star Coordination member, Wehîde Xelîl, said: “Our revolution is growing day by day in the light of Öcalan’s philosophy. The international conspirators know that millions of women have been inspired by the thoughts of Öcalan.

Wehîde Xelîl commended Leyla Güven’s hunger strike and said her demand is the demand of the entire Kurdish people and women.


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