55th day of hunger strike by 14 Kurdish activists in Strasbourg

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The hunger strike resistance in taking place in Strasbourg, 273 Avenue de Colmar 67100.

KCDK-E co-chair Yüksel Koç, journalist Gülistan Çiya Ike, politician Mustafa Sarıkaya and academic Kardo Bokani are four of the 14 Kurdish activists on indefinite and non-alternating hunger strike in Strasbourg for 55 days.

Ike refused treatment

Journalist Gülistan Çiya Ike, who had been taken to hospital for tests given a turn for the worse on her health, refused treatment and returned to the action place.

Doctor Fahrettin Gülşen, who has been monitoring hunger strikers since day one, gave information about the situation of Ike. He said that the symptoms denoting problems have been growing to a very serious situation. Doctor Gülşen said that Ike is experiencing an inflammation in veins leading to the brain and this prompts irregular pulse and increased blood pressure that is causing imbalance and, joint, could bring serious complication in heart rhythm.

Visits are continuing

Hunger strikers continue to be visited by Kurdish people living in Europe. A group of activists from the Kurdish People’s Assembly in Marseille visited the activists.

In a statement on behalf of the delegation, Marseille Women’s Council spokeswoman Suzan Aydemir said that the end of isolation would mean the end of the war against the Kurdish people.

Women saluted Leyla Güven, stressing the importance of the action she leads and urged everyone to claim the hunger strike.

In the spirit of Kobanê

KCDK-E France co-chair Fevziye Erdemirci recalled the growing hunger strike campa,gn and commended Leyla Güven reminding the resistance in Cizre, Nusaybin and Sur and said self-criticism should be made.

Erdemirci stated that the ongoing hunger strike actions should be claimed by the people in order to achieve the goal, “In the spirit of Kobanê”.


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