Hunger strikers in Strasbourg refuse medical treatment

via ANF-News

An indefinite and non-alternating hunger strike in the French city of Strasbourg continues decisively on the 55th day.

The Kurdish hunger strike campaign led by DTK Co-chair and HDP PMP Leyla Guven, continues in the prisons of Turkey by Kurdish political prisoners, as well as in Hewler by Nasir Yagiz, in Wales by Imam Sis, in Toronto by Yusuf Iba, in Maxmur by Fedile Tok, and in Strasbourg by fourteen Kurdish politicians, activists and journalists.

The indefinite and non-alternating hunger strike against the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan, continues on day 55 in Strasbourg, France. The health conditions of hunger strikers Kerem Solhan, Yuksel Koç and Gulistan Çiya Ike have severely deteriorated recently.

Dr. Fahrettin Gülşen who is closely monitoring the health of hunger strikers had earlier stated that some of the symptoms shown in the bodies of hunger strikers may cause permanent damages. Gülşen mentioned that the activists on hunger strike are refusing medical treatment, their humane demands should immediately be met.

Dr. Gülşen stated that they have issued a call to the French Ministry of Health on Monday and highlighted the serious health issues the hunger strikers are experiencing. The call invited concerned authorities to see the situation of hunger strikers on site, after which a medical team from the ministry visited the hunger strikers and carried out checkup.

Some of the hunger strikers who were then transferred to a clinic for further examinations refused treatment and returned to their place of action.


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