Internationalists in long march demand freedom for Ocalan

via ANF-News

Internationalists who are marching from Luxemburg to Strasbourg to condemn the international conspiracy, keep chanting ‘Freedom for Ocalan’ in every village and town they are moving through.

Kurds and their friends have organised three ‘long march’ actions from Luxemburg, Mannheim, and Basel to Strasbourg to condemn the February 15, 1999 international conspiracy against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan at its 20th anniversary. The activists partaking in the long marches will unite in Strasbourg and join a huge rally against the international conspiracy on February 16.

The Luxembourg arm of the marches toward Strasbourg kicked off yesterday after a press statement in front of the European Court of Justice. Internationalist groups from Germany, France, South America, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands are participating in the 100-person march. The group will march 200 km in 5 days. They are aiming for 40 km a day, and will be using rest stops along the way to rest at night.

The activists in the Luxembourg-Strasbourg march last night arrived in Guénange commune in France and spent the night there. The demonstrators have today started the second stage of the march at 10:30, carrying posters of Ocalan, activists on hunger strike and HDP MP Leyla Guven.

The marchers constantly chant ‘Freedom for Ocalan,’ ‘We are all Leyla Guven,’ and ‘Political solution for Kurdistan.’ They explain the goal of their march in every village and town they are passing through and hand out leaflets.

The route of the march is blocked for traffic, and heavy measures have been taken to prevent any negative situation.

The demonstrators will today cover 15 km and they are expected to be visited by French MPs and socialists representatives.


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