Twelve cities in Rojhilat to protest the conspiracy and isolation

via ANF-News

The People’s Initiative in East Kurdistan, Rojhilat, reported that several demonstrations will take place in 12 cities to protest the international conspiracy against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The People’s Initiative in East Kurdistan will organize demonstrations and marches under the motto “Let’s unite to defeat fascism.” The Initiative reported that the demonstrations will be taking place at between 17:00 and 20:00 on February 14; urging people in East Kurdistan and Iran to join the actions.

“The enemy has long been trying to undermine the demands of the Kurds in four parts of Kurdistan. The Kurdish people continue an honorable resistance. The enemy is on the verge of defeat. Freedom is in sight,” said a statement by the Initiative.

According to the statement, the times and locations of demonstrations are as follows:

Sine (Sanandaj): Azadi square

Saqiz: A march from Halo square to the Jomhoori square

Mariwan: A march from Shabrang Street towards the main street.

Mahabad: March from Municipality square to the Azadi crossroad

Bukan: Farmandari square

Urmia: Imam square

Khoy: Imam Street

Maku: Resalat Boulevard

Kirmashan: Azadi square

Ciwanro: March from Behadori St. to the Basij Sq.

Shahabad: March from Imam Sq. to the Hedayet Sq.

Ilam: March from Sadi crossroad to Imam Sq.


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