Long March activists stopped at French border

via ANF-News

After being attacked by the German police in Karlsruhe, Long March activists who started from Mannheim were stopped at the French border.

Activists said the German state attacks and bans forced them to continue by bus, and that their bus was stopped at the French border.

The Long March activists were stopped around Weyersheim on the A35 highway. The reason for the hindrance is unknown.

The Long March from Mannheim to Strasbourg has been subjected to pressure by the German police since it started on February 10.

On the third day of the march, activists were attacked by the police in Karlsruhe. Four activists were wounded while many others were battered.

On the fourth day the activists reconvened but were surrounded by the police, as a helicopter flew over them.

When the march was not permitted, the activists decided to travel to France by bus to attend the international demonstration. The bus was stopped at the border at noon.


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