Internationalists: Freedom for Öcalan is our struggle

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The Luxembourg branch of the march includes about 100 internationalists from Germany, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands and many more.

In the 20th anniversary of the conspiracy against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, a long march from three different places was launched to support the hunger strikes led by Leyla Güven.

The Luxembourg branch of the march includes about 100 internationalists from Germany, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands and many more.

The march, that reached its third day, has been joined by internationalists who have also joined previous marches.

German Internationalist Alex Dickmann had previously participated in two long marches from Luxembourg to Strasbourg. “Of course, it’s hard for me – said Alex – But there are challenges to be faced. Difficulties don’t matter when you are walking for human ideals. It gives me strength to walk for such beautiful purposes and to walk with so many precious people from different geographies. I can’t think of my health problems right now.”

As in the previous two years, this year, he is wearing the badge of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Alex attended this year’s march with his wife, Maren.

We cannot accept isolation against Öcalan

When I asked Alex about his views on the march he joined for the third time, he replied: “The only alternative project against the developing capitalist system in the West is Mr Öcalan’s project. This project showed how, we in the west, can build a better life. A person with such beautiful projects has been in prison for 20 years. I’m here against isolation and inhuman treatment. There is a revolution going on and its led by Kurds. I’m walking to add to my voice. Anyone who lives in Europe, who says he is human, should contribute to this revolution. Which is why I invite everyone to amplify the voice from the Middle East.”

Why are you here?

Maren, who attended the march for the first time, tells why this year she decided to join as well: “Alex had joined two marches before that. This year I wanted to join. I would like to state that I am very happy to be on this march with my husband. We should not be asked why we are here. The question should be, why other people are not here? Yes, so many people live in Europe. We should ask why these people are silent about the policies against the Kurdish People’s Leader Öcalan and the massacres against the Kurds and why they are not involved in this action. We are talking about an atrocity here and we should take on our responsibility and act to stop this atrocity. We are here to fulfill our duties.”

We are happy to be here again

Naomi Ferreira is 21 years old and lives in Galicia, an autonomous region of Spain.

Naomi, who joined the march last year, says that she has had the chance to see her friends this year and she is very happy to have joined the march for the second time.

Naomi said that she had a very good impression on the long march last year and that she had the opportunity to know the Kurdish people and the Kurdish movement. She said that she has taken her commitment to a higher level and is more actively in solidarity with the Kurds.

Öcalan’s ideas are important for everyone

Naomi said that she knows how important Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan is for Kurdistan and the Middle East peace. “I find Mr. Öcalan’s ideas and perspectives very important not only for the Kurds but also for all the progressive humanity. I like Öcalan’s approach to women. Again, I highly appreciate the effort of Öcalan to create a free human being. Therefore, I believe that Mr. Öcalan should be freed as soon as possible.”

We support the hunger strikers

Naomi recalled the hunger strikes led by Leyla Güven. “We should take our responsibility and somehow that’s why we have joined this march. There are people who have gone on hunger strike demanding the end of isolation. In a sense, I am here because I see this march as a solidarity action with these people, to raise their voices, and not leaving them alone in their struggle against this barbarity.”

Source: Yeni Özgür Politika

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