Why are the internationalists marching for Ocalan?

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Seventy-five internationalist activists who have marched 223 kilometers from Luxemburg demanding Ocalan’s freedom, believe that Ocalan is an influential philosopher who possesses a vision for the concerns of our time.

Kurdish people in Europe and internationalist activists have launched a three-direction march to protest the isolation of the Kurdish people’s leader, Abdullah Ocalan, and to condemn the February 15 international conspiracy.

The three long marches will join together in Strasbourg, the demonstrators will hold a meeting in the area where the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) are located.

75 internationalist activists from various regions

The three long marches were originated from the Swiss city of Basel, the German city of Mannheim, and Luxemburg; these demonstrations are carried out under the motto “Break the isolation, defeat fascism and free Ocalan.” The marching internationalists in Luxemburg have joined the action from Spain, Germany, Portugal, Columbia, Catalonia, Basque, Andalusia, Finland, Galicia, Norway, Italy, and Switzerland.

Why are the internationalists marching for Ocalan?

According to the internationalist activists, the main motivation behind their participation in the march is Ocalan’s ideas. Some have studied those ideas and are inspired. Some others have been following the revolution of Rojava which takes its roots from Ocalan’s thoughts. Therefore they also chant slogans in solidarity with Rojava.

The internationalists believe that Ocalan is an influential philosopher who has a vision for the concerns of our time. The Democratic Modernity concept and the rest of Ocalan’s views, particularly on the freedom struggle of women, have attracted the young internationalists.

A democratic, ecologic and gender-libertarian freedom paradigm proposed by Ocalan, has enabled the internationalists to learn about the Kurds. Some of them have traveled to Rojava in order to see the revolution there for themselves, and some are planning to travel in the near future.

‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi’ and internationalist women

The majority of the internationalist marchers are women. During their march the activists support the hunger strike campaign led by Leyla Guven, chanting that ‘We are all Leyla.’ A group of female internationalist activists also wrote a letter to Leyla Guven. The internationalist women also cheer the famous motto of the Kurdish women’s struggle ‘Jin, Jiyan, Azadi; i.e. Woman, Life, Freedom.’

Among these internationalist demonstrators are architects, lawyers, doctors, journalists, and the majority of them are anarchists, democrats, leftists, and feminists.

The internationalists who are joining efforts against the February 15 Conspiracy in the international field, promise that they will continue their actions until Ocalan is freed.


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