Kurdish hunger striker in Toronto: We will write history

via ANF-News

Yusuf Iba who has been on hunger strike in Toronto for over a month said “We will be those writing history”.

Kurdish activist Yusuf Iba has been on an indefinite hunger strike in Toronto, Canada for 36 days demanding an end to the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Despite health issues, he continues his action with determination.

Speaking to ANF on the 20th anniversary of the International Conspiracy that led to the capture of Abdullah Ocalan, Iba said; “We will defeat the conspiracy through resistance”.

Iba said he himself and other hunger strikers remain determined to continue their action until the isolation on the Kurdish leader is brought to an end.

“The strict isolation on Mr. Öcalan can only be stopped through this action. A whole people is isolated in the person of their leader and we witness this reality in all spheres of life. In such a process, our people should respond to this aggression only with an all-out resistance. Those who claim to be fighting the PKK but not the Kurdish people themselves do actually tolerate nothing of the Kurdish people today.There dominates a mindset that seeks to destroy anything pertaining to Kurdishness, imprisons the Kurds and never hesitates to kill them.

We will also take to the streets to condemn the February 15 conspiracy at Yonge Vebloor. We will not have our history written by others, we will write history ourselves.”


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