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At this critical phase of the hunger strike action, ANF shares the messages sent to the public opinion by some of the hunger strikers. We publish here Nurgül Başaran’s remarks.

The 14 Kurdish activists on hunger strike in Strasbourg to demand the end of the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, have entered their 68 day of fast.

The activists underlined the importance of the support of the people to achieve the end of isolation and force the institutions that could help this goal to be reached, like the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT), to take action.

The hunger strikers are in Kurdistan, Turkey and Europe and ask everyone to do whatever in their hands to ensure the voice of the resistance is amplified.

The activists said that they have not put any health issue in the agenda in the 2 months of their fast. They are worried for the prisoners on hunger strike under torture conditions, for Leyla Güven who has been fasting for 107 and for Nasır Yağız who has been fasting for 94 days. They worry that anytime the news of someone fallen martyr in this resistance may come.

At this critical phase of the hunger strike action, ANF shares the messages sent to the public opinion by some of the hunger strikers.

Nurgül Başaran: Women must play their role

“The international conspiracy which 20 years ago led to the abduction of our leader, the subsequent regime of isolation which has been increased in the last three years, continued to deepen isolation.

Leyla Güven led the hunger strike launching the action when she was in Amed prison. The hunger strike has spread to other prisons and here in Strasbourg we, members of the Freedom for Öcalan Vigil have now left 68 days of fast behind us.

Of course, we have analysed and well examined the pro and cons of this action and our goals.

But from the moment we decided to go on hunger strike, what matters to us is that we are determined. And I want to repeat this both as a woman and as a member of the Freedom Movement. We are determined to continue as long as the isolation continues.

Today, we carry out this action on the basis of the removal of isolation and freedom on our Leader by raising our struggle against the third world war waged in the Middle East and Kurdistan.

Our determination is the same as the first day.

Of course, for us is important to stress that this action is not limited to an area, a city, a country. The important thing is to remove the isolation of all the people. Which is why everyone should act wherever they are.

It should be reminded that in prisons we have friends who are both on hunger strike and are tortured and subjected to ill-treatment. We ask everyone to raise their voice even further.

On the other hand, a serious diplomacy work should be carried out. All these institutions, such as the CPT, the Council of Europe and the European Parliament, need to be forced to act. This is an act of conscience, as we say at the very beginning, an action that appeal to everyone’s conscience. We are the main driving force to make these consciences react and take action immediately.

On the basis of this process, I want to address first and foremost Kurdish women, as well as the Kurdish people, and especially the women of Central Anatolia.

Although our bodies are fading away, the love of freedom in our brains has grown further. In this sense, the struggle is also growing, determination is growing.

We have a strong morale, a strong claim, we have will and determination. But I want to stress again, that it is necessary to respond to the process with stronger steps.

In order to achieve the freedom of our leader, we need to increase the struggle, we need to reclaim this action.

I would like to greet all our people, friends, our activists, patriots and women who are in the fields at this moment.”


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