German politicians visited hunger strikers in Kassel

via ANF-News

Two Kurdish activists are on hunger strike in Kassel, Germany for 28 days.

Ömer Bağdur and Cemal Kobanê have been on an indefinite hunger strike in the city of Kassel in Germany for 28 days. The Kurdish activists were today visited by German politicians in solidarity with their action and demand; end of the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

German Left Party Hessen State MP Torsten Felstehausen, Kassel City Councilor Luz Getzschmann and Murat Çakır of the Roza Luxembourg Association visited the hunger strikers on Monday.

The visitors condemned the silence of the German government and media about hunger strikes, and vowed to organise an action to inform the public opinion about hunger strikes.

It was noted that a tent will be set up in Kassel city center as part of efforts to inform people about the Kurdish hunger strike resistance starting from next Tuesday.



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