Yagiz on 98th day of fast losing his sight and hearing

via ANF-News

Nasir Yagiz, on a hunger strike for 98 days in Hewler, is starting to lose his sight and hearing.

Health of Nasir Yagiz, who is on a hunger strike for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan, continues to deteriorate.

According to his doctors, Yagiz has been experiencing severe stomach aches since Monday evening.
Yagiz has started to lose his hearing and is having trouble distinguishing sounds. The doctors also say Yagiz’s issues with his sight are getting worse.

Yagiz had been having trouble sleeping for a while, and had stopped sleeping altogether in the last few days. He is unable to leave his bed without help, and he is unable to stand.

Yagiz is refusing treatment and says he is determined to continue with his hunger strike. The worsening of his condition is increasing the concern about him.

Yagiz started his hunger strike 13 days after Hakkari MP and DTK Co-chair Leyla Guven went on a hunger strike in the Amed Prison on November 7, 2018 demanding an end to the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

There are alternating hunger strikes in parallel to Yagiz’s hunger strike in Hewler. On the 97th day of his hunger strike on Monday, the 49th group took over the protets.

After Yagiz, an indefinite nonalternating hunger strike was also launched in the Maxmur refugee camp on January 20. Ishtar Assembly member Fadile Tok continues  her hunger strike on day 38.


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