Day 101 on alternating hunger strike in Hewler

ROJ News
via ANF-News

The alternating hunger strike held in parallel with Nasir Yagiz’s indefinite non-alternating hunger strike in Hewler continues on day 101 with a new group.

The alternating hunger strike launched in Hewler against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan continues with the 51st group.

RJAK Member Semire Salayi issued a statement in the name of the group taking over the hunger strike and said, “We celebrate March 8 International Day of Working Women for all. Today, the enemy of humanity and peddler of women in markets ISIS is coming to an end in Rojava. As women, we must defend the resistance more. We must defend the hunger strike resistance led by Leyla Guven and increase it. Women must participate more in the resistance to end the isolation imposed upon Leader Apo.”

Meanwhile, health of HDP Member Nasir Yagiz, who has been on a hunger strike for 101 days, continues to deteriorate. Despite pressing issues, Yagiz is refusing treatment and says he will continue his protest until the end.

A committee from Shengal and TAJE members visited the hunger strike in Hewler for support. TAJE member L. Sheme Remo said they salute the hunger strikers in the persons of Leyla Guven and Nasir Yagiz.


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