Nasır Yağız: We will break the isolation

via ANF-News

On the 100th day of his hunger strike, HDP Member Nasır Yağız send a message from Hewlêr.

Nasır Yağız has been on hunger strike for 101 days demanding the end of the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The HDP member has been suffering from different health problems due to the fast, yet he is reiterating his determination at continuing his action until isolation is lifted.

The message sent by Nasır Yağız is as follows:

“So far I have not had any problems in morale and motivation, but I do see that health problems are progressing. Yet I’m about to enter the 100th day, so it’s normal to have such problems. In the end we knew that to fight for what we want wasn’t going to be easy.

In any case, our health problems should never be in the way of our goals. The wind of victory is blowing as spring approaches. Spring will bring us victory.

I hope that our people will be able to embrace one another more warmly and with more freedom. Our people should never lose their hopes and beliefs.”

We can break isolation

Nasır Yağız continued: “We live this resistance with the spirit of our friends who resisted in prison in the 80’s. Today we promise to our people: this spring will be very beautiful, like victory, it will be a spring that will bring the freedom of our Leader. Therefore, no matter what happens, our people should welcome this spring, and join 8 March and Newroz celebrations.

We will break the isolation with the struggle of our people, we will live free with our Leader. I greet all our people with respect.”

Let’s be the voice of our friends in prison

Nasır Yağız ended his message by saying: “The situation of our friends in jail is very bad. Conditions there are very poor. Prison administrations are repressing our friends. Let’s be the voice of our friends in prison. Let’s break isolation and free our people, let us live free with our Leader. No matter what happens, victory will be ours. From here, I salute all activists respectfully and the revolutionary friends in prison. We will break isolation and we will live free with Leader Apo.”


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