Concern grows for Yağız’s health on 103rd day of fast

via ANF-News

Concerns over the health of Nasir Yağız, who has been on hunger strike for 103 days demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, are increasing.

Nasır Yağız, who is on hunger strike in Hewlêr for 103 days, has difficulty in getting up from bed for weeks now and had a weakened vision and hearing.

In the past week, despite waking up early, he has not been able to step out of bed until early afternoon.

His comrades said that he has difficulty in recognising people who come to visit him.

As well as Nasır Yağız being on indefinite hunger strike, many activists in Hewlêr are going on solidarity hunger strike for a few days each group. The action reached day 103 and the 53rd group has taken it over.

Concerns for hunger striker Fadile Tok in Maxmur

In Maxmur, Fadile Tok who has been on hunger strike for 43 days started to show signs of deterioration in her health. Despite that Tok, who is suffering from tension problems, says she has high morale and will not give up the action until isolation is lifted.

Hunger strike resistance spreads

The hunger strike resistance has spread to many areas after Hewlêr and Maxmur.

In Kelar, engineer Herêm Mehmud went on indefinite hunger strike on 24 February against isolation.

Mehmud was followed by painter Cuma Kerim on 25 February, and by teacher Serdar Melihe on 26 February.

Yunus Umer who lives in the town of Pencewin in Sulaymaniyah also went on hunger strike. The hunger strike in the city of Sulaymaniyah entered the 80th day. On day 79 of the action, the 40th group took over the fast.

The strike in Sulaymaniyah is led by the Mesopotamian Workers Association.


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