Norwegian delegation visited hunger striker Nasir Yagiz

via ANF-News

Today Yağız was visited by a Norwegian NGO called Solidaritet Med Kurdistan.

HDP Hewlêr member Nasır Yağız has reached day 103 of his hunger strike demanding the end of isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Today Yağız was visited by a Norwegian NGO called Solidaritet Med Kurdi Stan.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, Lida Weerts said that they visited Yağız at the special request of their institutions and added that they supported all the hunger strikers.

A statement on behalf of the delegation said: “We support your hunger strike action as European internationalists. We came here from Solîdaritet Med Kurdî Stan. We came to visit hunger striker Yağız and wanted to get information about his health. Despite being on hunger strike for 103 days we saw that he is keeping his morale high and he is very determined. Your action is a legitimate act.”

Lida Weerts criticized European countries for their silence and said: “European countries are following a policy that considers only their own interests. Where are the European countries which say that we advocate human rights and democracy?”

Hunger striker Yağız gave information about his action and his health. He said: “Our action is to defend free life with our Leader. Thousands of people are massacred daily in many parts of the world. Human rights are violated. Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan has been in isolation for 20 years. For thousands of years, Kurdistan has been occupied and Kurds have been massacred. I ask where are the European countries that say they defend democracy and human rights?”

After the speeches, the Norwegian delegation delivered a letter written by their institutions to Yağız.


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