Young female activists visited hunger strikers in Strasbourg

via ANF-News

A group of Free Young Women (Jinên Ciwanên Azad) members visited the 14 activists who continue their hunger strike demanding an end to the isolation imposed upon the Kurdish People’s Leader.

The 14 activists in Strasbourg continue their hunger strike on day 78 as they continue to receive visitors from various European countries.

3 members of the Free Young Women from Duisburg, Germany visited the hunger strikers. The young women named Solin, Lorin and Amara gave the hunger strikers an album filled with photographs they collected since the first day of the hunger strike as a present.

The young women presented the album to hunger striker Deniz Surgut. Youth movement member Solin Gul said they visited the hunger strikers many times and wanted to give them a morale boost with the photographs taken in those visits.

Solin Gul said they attend all protests in Germany and added that all Kurdish people should.

Activist Lorin Gul said the Kurdish people should attend the protests, from the youngest to the oldest.

Deniz Surgut said they appreciated the young activists’ gift and that it gave them morale. Surgut added that the hunger strike aims to give a free life to the Kurdish people and the youth as a present.

Surgut said the youth’s support for the hunger strike aiming to end the isolation imposed upon the Kurdish People’s Leader is important and added that Kurdish people of all ages embracing the protests is very important.


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