Hunger strikers in Germiyan speak out

via ANF-News

Hunger strikers in Germiyan said they get their strength and energy from the resistance of Leyla Güven and Nasır Yağız.

In Kelar district of Germiyan city in South Kurdistan, Herêm Mehmud has been on hunger strike for 12 days while in Rizgari town of Kelar, Şeyma Ednan has been on hunger strike for 5 days.

The two activists spoke to Rojnews and explained why they have decided to join the resistance led by DTK co-chair and HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven and HDP member Nasır Yağız, who went on hunger strike demanding the end of isolation against PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

‘We will continue our action with strong determination’

Underlining how the hunger strike of Leyla Güven and Nasır Yağız had a strong impact on him, engineer Herêm Mehmud said: “I am getting my strength from Güven and Yağız. I’ve had no health problems so far. I will continue my action with strong determination, because I started with great motivation. I started such an action with conscience. It is necessary to think about the general interests.”

Herêm Mehmud called for national unity and said: “We must show a common stance. In particular, we must fight for such a leader like Leader Apo, who sacrificed his entire life for the mankind.”

The importance of national unity

Şeyma Ednan, who started a one-month hunger strike in support of the resistance demanding the end of isolation, said that she had been fasting for 5 days without any problems and with strong determination.

Şeyma Ednan, who saluted Öcalan and all hunger strikers, said: “We took the responsibility of leading this resistance. We will oppose the occupation with the spirit of resistance of Leyla Güven and Şêladizê  people. We must work harder for national unity.”


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