Hunger striker Nasır Yağız wrote to women on hunger strike

via ANF-News

HDP activist on hunger strike, Nasır Yağız, wrote to Leyla Güven, Sebahat Tuncel, Selma Irmak, Kibriye Evren and Dersim Dağ.

HDP activist Nasır Yağız, who has been on hunger strike in Hewlêr for 108 days demanding the end of the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, sent letters to women on hunger strike.

Nasır Yağız wrote to Leyla Güven, who led the hunger strike against isolation, as well as to Sebahat Tuncel, Selma Irmak, Kibriye Evren and Dersim Dağ.

Leyla Güven has been on hunger strike for 121 days, Evren 83, Tuncel and Irmak 58, Dağ 6.

Yağız wrote his letters to mark 8 March, International Women’s Day.

The HDP activist wrote to Leyla Güven: “The conscience, which emerged as the cry of freedom and its dedication to the defense of social values, is the culmination of glories. Women are the leaders of the resistance that grows on 8 March and breaks all darkness.”

To Sebahat Tuncel and Selma Irmak, Nasır Yağız wrote: “The comrades of Sun who challenge you with their glorious resistance will lead us to victory.

To Dersim Dağ, Nasır Yağız wrote: “We started young and young we will succeed. ‘The end will be great’ poem will lighten our way, reinforce our faith in victory.

I congratulate all young female comrades on the 8th of March world working women’s day.

To Kibriye Evren the HDP activist wrote: “Life, you are the swirl of coincidences and concurrences, you are the sum of the infinite possibilities spilling down from the skirts of women. I congratulate all the female comrades on 8 March, World Working Women’s Day, fighting for an equal and free world.

Your Comrade,



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