Hunger striker Yağız sends flowers to Leyla Güven

via ANF-News

Leyla Güven is on hunger strike for 124 days and Nasır Yağız for 111 days.

Nasır Yağız has sent flowers to Leyla Güven today.

Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Co-chair and Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP for Hakkari, Leyla Güven has been on an indefinite hunger strike for 124 days.

Following Güven, HDP member Nasır Yağız also started an indefinite hunger strike in Hewler (Erbil) city of South Kurdistan. He is on his 111th day of fast.

Hundreds of prisoners as well as dozens of activists have joined the hunger strike resistance in Kurdistan, Europe and beyond.

There are a total of 335 prisoners who started hunger strikes on various dates since December 16, 2018. On March 1, scores of political prisoners joined the indefinite non-alternating hunger strikes and the protest is spreading outside prisons as well.

Most recently, three HDP deputies, Dersim Dağ, Murat Sarısaç and Tayyip Temel have gone on indefinite hunger strikes in Amed (Diyarbakır).


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