Plaid Cymru Chair visits Imam Sis

via ANF-News

Plaid Cymru Chairperson Adam Price visited Imam Sis and the hunger strike. Price said, “The isolation of Kurdish Leader Ocalan is unacceptable.”

The 3rd biggest political party in Wales, Plaid Cymru Chairperson Adam Price and an accompanying committee visited Kurdish activist Imam Sis, who is on day 84 of his hunger strike against the Imrali isolation in Newport.

Price relayed his party’s message of solidarity and called Sis his “brother and comrade”.


Price said they are in solidarity with the hunger strikers and that everybody should hear their voice.

Price said:

“I would like to say in my name and my party’s that we are in solidarity with the ongoing hunger strikes around the world. My brother and comrade Imam Sis, who is on a hunger strike in Wales, and other hunger strikers continue their protest with a humane and lawful demand to end the isolation imposed upon Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. The Turkish state should take urgent steps for the democratic and peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue. We must hear the voice of our brothers and sisters on hunger strikes and we must amplify them. One person deprived of democracy and human rights is all of us being deprived. Ocalan’s stripping of his rights is unacceptable.”


Plaid Cymru, Welsh for Party of Wales, is the the third biggest political party in Wales after Labour and the Conservatives. The party favors Welsh independence from the United Kingdom, and was founded in 1925. Plaid Cymru currently has 11 seats in the 60-seat autonomous Wales parliament and also has 4 in the United Kingdom’s Parliament, as well as 1 MEP in the European Parliament.

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