Delegation from South Kurdistan visits Leyla Guven in Amed

via ANF-News

A delegation from South Kurdistan including politicians and academics visited Leyla Guven on her 125th day of the hunger strike.

Academy of Politics Board Members Dr. Hekim Ebdulkerim and Sores Xidir, Hewrem Platform Member Hilal Sewket and Workers’ Party Board Member Bextiyar Mustefa from the Federal Kurdistan Region visited Leyla Guven in her home.

Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Co-chair Leyla Guven has been on a hunger strike for 125 days demanding an end to the isolation imposed upon Kurdish Peoples’ Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Tevgera Azadi Board Member Ronak Mecid was to attend the visit alongside the delegation, but was held back due to not being given permission to enter the country at the Habur Border Gate.

The delegation was accompanied by Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Foreign Relations Commission Co-spokesperson Feleknas Uca.

The delegation spoke with Leyla Guven’s daughter Sabiha Temizkan for information and shared information from HDP member Nasir Yagiz who has been on a hunger strike for 112 days with the same demand.

The delegation met with Leyla Guven and gave her gifts of a scarf that said “Jinan Hewrami” (Hewrami Women) and a keffiyeh.

Guven thanked the delegation and said: “The revolution won’t come without a price. This protest must facilitate Kurdish national unity. Take good care of Heval Nasir.”

Guven had trouble speaking due to her health issues.

The committee then visited the hunger strike launched by HDP MP Dersim Dag on March 3, which HDP MPs Tayip Temel and Murat Sarisac joined on March 8 in the HDP Amed offices.

The Southern Kurdistani delegation spoke with HDP MPs about the isolation imposed upon Kurdish Peoples’ Leader Abdullah Ocalan and the hunger strikes. The delegation left after the visits.

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