Day 87 in Strasbourg: Let’s step up the resistance

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Hunger striker Ramazan Imir pointed out that they are ready to pay any price to succeed.

The hunger strike resistance of the 14 Kurdish activists in Strasbourg has reached its 87th day.

While the health of the hunger strikers deteriorates day after day, visitors from Europe continue to offer their solidarity and support to the activists.

Today, dozens of people from many European countries, such as Sweden and Switzerland visited the activists.

Delegations from Sweden

A large number of artists and musicians, as well as a group of young women from Sweden came to visit the hunger strikers.

Imran Karaer, Canan and Özlem Cengiz were among the women who came from Sweden to visit the hunger strikers in Strasbourg.

The women appealed to step up the resistance and urged the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) and the Council of Europe (CoE) to take the necessary steps against isolation.

Artists support the resistance

On the other hand, some Kurdish artists living in Germany visited the activists in Strasbourg. TEV-ÇAND members Aytekin Coşkun, Hüseyin Akter and Haydar Yanmaz and some other artists expressed their solidarity and support to the hunger strikers.

Hunger striker Ayvaz Ece met with visitors for a few minutes. Speaking on behalf of the artists, Aytekin Coskun Ece said that people should claim their action to ensure success to the hunger strikers and prevent any death.

Support from Swiss Maraş Initiative

Members of the Maraş Initiative from Basel also visited the activists in Strasbourg.

Derweş Kalkandelen, speaking on behalf of the Maraş Initiative, emphasized the importance of the resistance and the importance of breaking the isolation imposed by the Turkish state.

As Maraş Initiative, he said, they will support the resistance with all kinds of actions and urged people all over Europe to do the same.

Imir: Turkish state fascism never so weak

Hunger striker Ramazan Imir pointed out that them standing up is because of the struggle by Kurdish People’s Leader Öcalan and the people.

Imir, who said that they found the European actions and other works valuable, said that in fact what they are witnessing is the weakest moment for the Turkish state fascism. This weakness turned it more aggressive as it tries to survive.

Emphasizing that the Turkish state is trying not to be destroyed, Imir said that this resistance is a further blow to fascism. He emphasised that the hunger strikers are ready to pay any price to succeed.

Hunger strikers in Strasbourg were also visited by members of the Democratic Kurdish Community Center (DKTM) in Mannheim.

The members of the DKTM reiterated their belief that isolation will be lifted.

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