Dilek Öcalan joined press conference at European Parliament

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Former deputy Dilek Öcalan joined a press conference at the European Parliament organised to expose the Turkish state’s crimes against humanity and the silence of Europe about isolation in Imrali.

A press conference at the European Parliament saw the participation of Malin Björk and Eleonora Forenza MEPs from the GUE/NGL group.

Speaking at the press conference, Italian MEP Eleonora Forenza said that the Kurdish people were fighting a historical war against DAESH mercenaries and remembered the massacres of Kurdish people carried out by the Turkish state.

Forenza: Turkey should respect human rights

Forenza said that Democratic Confederalism provided the basis of an alternative democratic life in the Middle East and it is threatened by Turkey.

Forenza informed the press on the indefinite hunger strike launched by DTK co-chair and HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven, and drew attention to the isolation imposed on the Kurdish People’s Leader.

The MEP underlined that Turkey keeps violating human rights and freedoms and invited it to adhere to democracy and human rights conventions.

Björk: Kurds carried out an important struggle for humanity

Swedish MEP Malin Björk underlined that they were beside the rightful struggle of the Kurdish people. Björk indicated that the current government in Turkey threatens all segments of the society struggling for democracy and freedom and underlined the powerful struggle of the Kurdish people.

Malin Björk also pointed out that Kurdish politicians and elected representatives are unlawfully arrested, and added that the rights of prisoners, beginning with the Kurdish People’s Leader, are violated and isolation is one of these violations.

Emphasizing that the demands on hunger strike launched by Leyla Güven, should be met in order to break this isolation, Björk added that the only demand of the activists is breaking isolation.

Öcalan thanked people for their solidarity

Former HDP deputy Dilek Öcalan, one of the 14 hunger strikers in Strasbourg attended the press conference. “I would like to thank all our friends for the solidarity they are showing to us on behalf of our group. I will talk on behalf of all the activists on hunger strike, especially Leyla Güven. I want to reiterate here the demands of all friends on hunger strike.”

Öcalan added: “As it has already been said, unfortunately we haven’t managed yet to break the silence of the European institutions despite having forwarded our requests to the European Parliament and the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT). This silence unfortunately appears to be the violation of these institutions’ own laws, and puts them in a position of sharing the guilt with Turkey. The European Council decisions concerning Turkey are not applied. We appeal to these institutions to act now.”

A humane and democratic demand

Dilek Öcalan underlined the fact that the Kurdish People’s Leader has been on isolation for years. “Our only request is to break this isolation. This is a completely humanitarian, legal and democratic demand. Apart from that, we are not demanding anything. Should Turkey meet this demand it would also comply with the European Convention it signed.”

Dilek Öcalan underlined the fact that the resistance of the hunger strikers is not only for the isolation of Öcalan or for the Kurds. It is a demand for peace in the Middle East.

Öcalan said: “Our action is for all humankind. This resistance is not only for the Kurdish people. We resist for democracy, freedom and all the peoples who want to live together. The mission and importance of the Kurdish People’s Leader is well known. As long as the isolation on Öcalan is not lifted, the war in the Middle East will not end and it will deepen.”

Dilek Öcalan continued: “Isolation is an anti-democratic practice and a crime against humanity. It is not possible to accept this isolation as family and Kurdish people. Kurdish People’s Leader lawyers and his family are prevented from visiting him. We are seriously concerned about his health and safety. I ask everyone here, ‘What prisoner is prevented from meeting his family? Is there a similar practice in European prisons? We live in the 21st century. Every day we talk about the importance of democracy, human rights and freedoms. Turkey is committing crimes against humanity and the institutions are watching this in silence.”

Isolation is imposed on all Kurds and people defending democracy

Dilek Öcalan ended her remarks saying: “This isolation which the Turkish State is imposing on the Kurdish people’s leader is in fact imposed on all Kurds. And it is imposed on women.

This isolation is imposed to the ecological, gender and women’s freedom paradigm devised by the Kurdish People’s Leader. This isolation is imposed on all the oppressed peoples.”

Dilek Öcalan also stressed that “the key issue in the solution of the Kurdish question lies in talks with the leader of the Kurdish People. This isolation is the way the Turkish State is using to destroy Kurds. The Turkish State, which has favored the war and not the solution, has waged a war against the Kurdish people, and the first step of this war was imposing isolation.

We are going through a period of great crimes against humanity. Thousands of people died in the Middle East. The Kurdish people are constantly facing the threat of war. This war is not only affecting the Kurdish people but all peoples. War is a phenomenon that deeply affects humanity. Therefore, it is imperative for everyone to put pressure on the Turkish State and demanding the removal of isolation.

We will win. We will break fascism, remove isolation and liberate Kurdistan.”

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