MEP visits Kurdish hunger strikers: Your struggle is our struggle

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One of the 14 Kurdish hunger strikers in Strasbourg, Gülistan Ike said that they want the support of the European peoples, especially women and said they are sure of their success as this struggle is for future generations.

A group of European parliamentarians, who would bring the issue of isolation to the European Parliament Strasbourg session, met with hunger strikers on Tuesday evening.

The parliamentarians, accompanied by German and Kurdish women representatives, visited the 14 Kurdish activists on hunger strike for 84 days and who have to spend most of the day in bed as a consequence of the long and debilitating fast.

We are part of this struggle

Malin Björk, a member of the Swedish Left Party (Vänsterpartiet), thanked the activists for the hunger strike resistance for peace, democracy and human rights. Björk said that they are part of this struggle, not just in solidarity with it and added that breaking the isolation is a common goal.

We’ll talk to the CPT

Eleonora Forenza MEP said they would bring up the issue on isolation and the hunger strike at the two press conferences scheduled for Wednesday. One of the press conferences will be prepared by women. Forenza will also hold a meeting with the Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) and will present a file with the demands of the hunger strikers.

The MEP said she wanted to express her solidarity as a woman rather than a politician. She said that the resistance against the isolation of the Kurdish People’s Leader had great support in Italy. Noting that the Erdoğan regime clearly violated human rights imposing isolation, Forenza added that “it is very meaningful and valuable for a person to starve her/his body in order to reach this goal [ending isolation].”

Kurdish women are an example for women in the world

In her talk with women hunger strikers, Forenza said that they read a lot about the Kurdish women’s struggle. Saluting the struggle for Democratic Confederalism and equality between women and men, Forenza underlined that the struggle of Kurdish women is an example for the whole world. Forenza said that she had talked about the resistance of HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven during her speech at the AP session on Tuesday.

Thanking the parliamentarians on behalf of the hunger strikers, Yüksel Koç underlined that they have met with the CPT three times so far, but that this institution has yet not fulfilled its duties.

Ike: Isolation is not only imposed on Öcalan

Women hunger strikers said that their struggle was for the elimination of the 20-year isolation system. Gülistan Ike underlined that the isolation system is not only imposed on Öcalan.

It is the people of Turkey as well as those opposing the regime and women who are affected by isolation, said Ike. She pointed out that the attacks against Rojava and South Kurdistan are linked to isolation.

Ike emphasized that the resistance led by Leyla Güven is a stance against all these anti-democratic practices.

We believe we’ll succeed

Ike said that they want the support of the European peoples, especially women and said they are sure of their success as this struggle is for future generations.

Marie-Pierre Vieu visited the hunger strikers

French parliamentarian Marie-Pierre Vieu also visited the activists on Tuesday.

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