Yagiz’s health deteriorates on day 126 of hunger strike

via ANF-News

Nasir Yagiz, who has been on an indefinite nonalternating hunger strike for 126 days, has been getting worse by the day.

Nasir Yagiz, who has been on an indefinite nonalternating hunger strike for 126 days demanding an end to the isolation imposed upon Kurdish Peoples’ Leader Abdullah Ocalan, continues his resistance. Yagiz spoke to the ANF about his deteriorating health and said he has had severe fatigue in the last few days, and he has intense skeletal pains.

Yagiz pointed out that the issues in his eyes have worsened and added that he is only able to sleep 3 hours a day. On the level the resistance has reached, Yagiz said: “The Kurdish people are resisting for their very existence. Our comrades who carried out the sacrifice actions have taken their place in history. We are in their debt. This blaze of resistance must burn hotter.” Yagiz had been hospitalized on the 73rd day of his hunger strike, but had rejected treatment.


A committee from the Kurdistan Islamic Union visited the HDP Hewler offices to show support for Yagiz’s resistance. Hafiz Ehmed spoke in the name of the committee and said Ocalan has been fighting for Kurdish rights for 40 years. Ehmed added: “Ocalan is now under a strict isolation, which violates all laws and goes against human rights.”


Another indefinite nonalternating hunger strike continues in the Maxmur refugee camp. Ishtar Assembly Coordination Member Fadile Tok is on day 66 of her hunger strike. The alternating hunger strike in Maxmur is on day 100, with a total of 34 groups participating in the hunger strike to date.


The indefinite alternating hunger strike in the Mesopotamia Workers’ Association in Sulaymaniyah is on day 103. The hunger strike continues with the 52nd group, which consists of 4 individuals from 4 parts of Kurdistan. Herem Mehmud continues his hunger strike on day 31, while Seyma Ednan is on day 24 of her month-long hunger strike.


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