Zehra Sağlam’s brother: We will keep our promise to our martyrs

via ANF-News

Koç stressed that they will keep the promise they had made to Zehra

Activists from the Freedom for Öcalan Initiative in Strasbourg have reached the 100th day of hunger strike demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

On Monday Metin Sağlam, brother of Zehra Sağlam, the political prisoner who ended her life to protest isolation, visited the Kurdish hunger strikers in Strasbourg.

Metin Sağlam: We must step up the resistance

Metin Sağlam, one of the activists who joined the new group taking over the solidarity hunger strike in front of the European Parliament, saluted all the activists involved in the resistance against isolation.

Stating that the resistance and struggle led by Leyla Güven will continue, Metin Sağlam said the world knows that the isolation and dirty politics implemented by Turkish state fascism will be broken by resistance.

Metin Sağlam remarked that the Kurdish people will raise this resistance with hope, and added that the resistance will keep the Kurdish people alive like blood in the veins.

Metin Sağlam reminded that there are tens of thousands of Kurdish people who fell martyr in the struggle for freedom. “We live thanks to the resistance of those martyrs. We never stepped down and we will never step down.”

Paying tribute to his sister, Zehra Sağlam, whom the family called ‘Zelal’, Metin Sağlam said that no matter how much soil you throw into water, running water will always keep its clarity.

We promised Zelal and the other martyrs: We will end isolation

Hunger striker and KCDK-E co-chair Yüksel Koç paid tribute to the action of Zehra when he met Metin Sağlam.

Koç stressed that they will keep the promise they had made to Zehra (Zelal) Sağlam and all the martyrs of resistance and pointed out that the end of isolation is close.

Koç ended his remarks by saying that such a people, “ready to sacrifice itself will definitely break the isolation on the Leader, no matter the price.”


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