Guerrillas to hunger strikers: Our hearts beat with yours

via ANF-News

Guerrillas sent a letter to the activists on hunger strike in South Kurdistan telling them: “Your action will be successful. Every guerrilla’s heart beats with yours.”

Guerrillas sent a letter to Kurdish activists on hunger strike demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People’s leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The letter said: “We, the guerrillas of Kurdistan are sending you our love and respect.

The isolation imposed on leader Apo is imposed to the entire humanity. Leader Apo is carrying the flags of peace and freedom.

Leader Apo established his resistance and ideology on the unity of the peoples, and claimed the peoples of the world without any difference in religion, language, culture, ethnic structures.

Freedom and socialism do not accept anything against them. We can end isolation against Leader Apo all together.

The hunger strike led by Leyla Guven has spread everywhere demanding the end of isolation and the destruction of fascism. The hunger strike is being carried out for close to 5 months now and they hunger strikers have well passed the critical threshold.

As the free guerrillas of Kurdistan, we see hunger strikes as valuable and we commend the hunger strikers. Your actions are warming our hearts and filling us with hope.

Dear friends, Nasır Yağız, Şeyma Ednan, Herêm Mahmud, Gulebax Celal, Fatma Ehmed … The responsibility you you have taken upon you in this process is a national duty, a conscientious and moral responsibility.

Throughout history, Germiyan and Başur  had a national role to play in the revolution. They always knew how to protect it.

We greet you with love and respect once again.

Your action will succeed. Every guerrilla’s heart beats with yours.

If even just a single guerrilla would remain, our resistance will continue.

As long as Kurdistan remains, guerrillas will remain.

Bijî Rêber Apo, bijî berxwedan, bijî azadî.”


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