PYD Co-chair visits hunger strikers in Stockholm

via ANF-News

“We will resist until Öcalan and our people achieve their freedom,” said PYD Co-chair Ayşe Hiso during her visit to the Kurdish hunger strikers in Sweden.

Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Ayşe Hiso who continues her talks in Sweden has paid a visit to the Kurdish activists on hunger strike demanding the end of the isolation imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

During the visit to the activists in Stockholm Democratic Kurdish Community Centre, Hiso was accompanied by Kongra Star member Moushira Mala Reshid and a refugee from Afrin, Idris Wakas.


Remarking that the Kurdish people have made history in their resistance against the Turkish state, Hiso said the Kurds have been able to remain standing thanks to their committed stand against colonialist states.

Hiso recalled the Kurdish people’s strong rejection of the isolation imposed on Öcalan, adding; “We will free our Leader and live in peace. We will resist until Öcalan and our people achieve their freedom.”


A group from the hunger strike activists met with officials from the Stockholm branch of the United Nations Federation. The activists told officials the reason and goal of their action and asked them to act for the removal of the isolation as they submitted them a dossier on the matter.

Speaking to ANF, hunger strike activists put emphasis on their determination to fight until the isolation of Öcalan is brought to an end.

One of the activists, Amineh Karimi, saluted Leyla Güven, the prisoners in Turkish jails, Strasbourg activists and all others taking part in the hunger strike resistance against isolation.

Nujeen Ahmed also emphasised that they will resist and fight to the very end for the removal of the isolation and liberation of Kurdistan.


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