Internationalists visited Kurdish hunger strikers in Berlin

via ANF-News

Since yesterday morning, five internationalists have been on a solidarity hunger strike for three days to demand the end of Öcalan’s isolation. Last night, they visited the four Kurdish activists who are on an indefinite hunger strike in Berlin.

To draw attention to the situation of the hunger strikers and their call for the end of the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, a group of internationalists from Germany launched a three-day solidarity hunger strike yesterday in Berlin.

On Friday night, the German activists visited the four hunger strikers, Ömer Bağdur, Cemal Kobanê, Şiyar Xelil and Mele Mustafa Tuzak in Berlin.

On behalf of the activists on indefinite hunger strike, Şiyar Xelil said at the meeting that they considered the action of internationalists to be extremely valuable. He emphasized that the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan could only be broken through a common and internationalist struggle.

The internationalists are continuing their hunger strike at Heinrichplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg today. The activists will share the explanations and current information via the Twitter account @HungerstreikB.

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