Silent protests from Germany to Greece

via ANF-News

Kurdish activists have promoted action to protest the silence of the European institution on the hunger strike resistance demanding the end of isolation of Abdullah Öcalan.

The hunger strike resistance was launched by DTK co-chair and HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven and was joined by thousands of prisoners and activists in Europe, Kurdistan, Turkey and Canada.


A silent protest was held in Berlin to draw attention to hunger strike resistance.

In Berlin several actions and demos were organised to demand the end of isolation against Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan and in solidarity with the hunger strikers.

Activists gathered on Saturday at Kudamm in the center of Berlin for a silence action.

The silence surrounding the hunger strike carried out by four Kurdish activists in Berlin as well as in many places of the world, and led by HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven, was condemned.

Activists drew attention to the worsening conditions of many hunger strikers included Leyla Güven and Nasır Yağız.

The demonstrators wore masks portraying the hunger strikers, as well as t-shirts with printed pictures of the activists.

During the demonstrations, activists called on the Merkel government and the German media to be more sensitive towards the hunger strikes.

After the actions, the demonstrators visited the group of German activists who continued their solidarity hunger strike in the borough of Kreuzberg.

The solidarity hunger strike carried out by the German activists is on its second day.


A silent demonstration was also held in Hamburg. Activists gathered at Altona Square to condemn the silence of the European states.

“The hunger strikes are a political act,” said Leyla Ksya from Rojbin Women’s Council.


The silence of the European states and the international public opinion about the hunger strike resistance was protested in Düsseldorf as well.

Activists saluted the hunger strike resistance demanding the end of isolation of Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The action was promoted by the Düsseldorf Democratic Kurdish Community Center and the Düsseldorf Women’s Initiative in Königsalle, one of the city’s busiest street. Members of the Neuss, Grevenbroich and Krefeld Women’s Initiative and Commune also supported the action.

A giant banner was opened saying ‘Silent action against the silence of the international opinion’.

Another banner said ‘7000 Kurds on hunger strike’.


In Limassol, Cyprus, another silence action was held to condemn the silence of the European institution on the hunger strike.

Activists organized a demonstration in Marina Square and condemned the silence of the UN and the CPT.


A silent action took place in Syntagma Square in Athens.

Kurds had put a black tape on their mouths.

Şener Salih spoke on behalf of the activists: “All institutions, particularly the CPT, the Council of Europe and the European states, should act promptly and stop the unlawfulness of the Turkish state.”

A solidarity stand will be opened in Athens to support and express solidarity to the hunger strike resistance.

The action was promoted jointly by Navenda Çanda Kurdistan and Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger and supported by the Turkey-North Kurdistan Action Union Platform formed by the PKK, MLKP, MKP, DKP, TKPML and SYKB.

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