Activists in Strasbourg: The isolation will end if we unite

via ANF-News

The sit-in activists in front of the EP protesting the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan called on everybody to raise the resistance.

The sit-in in front of the European Parliament (EP) against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan continues on week 4. Kurds coming from France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria say, “The isolation will end if we unite, and called to increase the resistance through the Yeni Ozgur Politika newspaper.

Erkan Aslan: I came from Toulouse, France. The Kurdish people will continue to protest until the isolation is broken and until the Leader is free. All our people should know that if the Leader is not free, we are not free. We can be well off financially, but we can’t be mentally, ideologically free. If our country is not free, we are not free. If we unite, we can break the isolation and our Leader will be free.”

Selahattin Kurt: I came from Oldenburg, Germany. The sign of Europe’s hypocritical attitude to even its own values is the silence in the face of this isolation. The convention on human rights is there and it says isolation is a crime against human rights. We will not forget Europe’s complicity. Our red line is the Leader’s health and safety and him having a line of communication with his people.

Sebahat Ergin: I am from Rojava. We are here to condemn silence of European institutions and amplify the voice of our friends. Leyla Guven is the honor of Kurdish women. She has put her body on the line for a humane demand. I am calling on Kurdish women. I want Kurdish women to experience the pride and honor of being Leyla Guven’s comrade and lead the protests.

Pervin Muhammedi: I came from Germany, I’m from Rojhilati (East) Kurdistan. All Kurdish people should support the resistance to break the isolation imposed upon our Leader. The demand in this resistance is the demand of all Kurdish people. All Kurdish people need to participate in the resistance. If we don’t speak out for the resistance, if we don’t grow it, no solution will come.

Perihan Akcelik: I came from Vienna. Thousands of our people have put their bodies on the line to break the isolation imposed upon our Leader. If the isolation is broken, a path can open for us to return to our homeland. I condemn European bodies. We have no other path than resistance.

Sedat Sevindir: I came from Rennes. Our leader has been held hostage for 20 years. The isolation continued for so long because of our silence, and it is now unacceptable. Our call for our people is this: This is the ultimate point. We have no solution but resistance.

Kadir Yilmaz: I came from Bordeaux. Victory in this resistance is only possible if we all speak up on the streets. Thousands of our people have laid their bodies on the line to end the isolation. If they resist under the harshest of circumstances, we on the outside must amplify their voice and shoulder the bulk of the burden.

Bulent Bezirganoglu: The silence of European institutions reached a new peak with the plot, and today it has come back to us with “aggravated isolation”. We cannot accept this isolation. Thousands of our comrades have laid their bodies on the line for a universal, humane right. European institutions remain silent as these protests continue at the heart of Europe. The Kurdish people will break this silence with their resistance.


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