German teachers union shows support for hunger strikers

via ANF-News

Prominent German NGO Education and Science Union (GEW) announced that they support the demands of hunger strikers who continue to resist to end the isolation imposed upon Ocalan.

While Western governments continue their silence in the face of the hunger strikes launched by DTK Co-chair and HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Guven to demand an end to the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan and spread throughout prisons in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan and many centers around the world, support from NGOs continues to grow.

Germany’s Education and Science Union (GEW) issued a written statement and announced that they support the hunger strikers’ demands. The statement posted on the union’s website said they are concerned for the developments in Turkey and Syria and added that “peace negotiations should start again and diverse ethnic groups should be ensured to live together in peace”.


The GEW said, “We support the hunger strikers’ demand so the process for peace and dialogue can begin and we salute their protest,” and issued a call for children who have had to quit school due to the war. The GEW said they support fully the process of building schools and universities in Rojava Kurdistan and northern Syria.

The Education and Science Union (GEW) said they consider the process to form a multiethnic democratic structure to be of great importance and pointed out that the democratic forces of the region must attend the international meetings held for peace in Syria. GEW concluded the statement with saying weapons sales must end and a no-fly zone must be declared in order to protect the peoples.

The Frankfurt based Education and Science Union is a promninent NGO in Germany with 300.000 members, and chapters in all provinces in the country.


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