Europe protesting isolation in solidarity with hunger strikers

via ANF-News

Actions in many European cities continue protesting the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The silence of the European institutions was protested in Germany as well as in France and Austria.


A solidarity rally was held in Stuttgart. Die Linke, MLKP, DKP, DFG-VK, İCDR, DİDF, PACE, LGBTI, ATTAC joined the rally which was held in Lautenschlagestraße.

The various organisations expressed their solidarity with the hunger strike resistance led by HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven and protested the silence surrounding it.

Photos of Leyla Güven, Strasburg hunger strikers and hunger striker Özkan Özdemir were displayed.


In Dusseldorf young people also organised an action in the ferry to draw attention to the hunger strike resistance.


A protest against isolation and in support with the hunger strikers was held in Marseille.

Mamoste Mutahir from the Center for Democratic Society spoke at the demonstration. Mutahir said everyone should support the hunger strikers.


In Metz a protest in support of the hunger strike resistance and against isolation of the Kurdish People’s Leader Öcalan was organised.

Activists here opted for a silent protest to condemn the silence of the institutions.


In Vienna hunger strikers Sultan Yiğit and Şiyar Ağaoğlu visited the Buddha Temple on the Danube, burning candles.

Both hunger strikers left flowers in the Danube river and saluted Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.


An event was held in Freiburg to protest the isolation imposed on Öcalan and to draw attention to the hunger strike resistance.

A group of Kurdish people living in the city held a silent demonstrations in Alte Synagoge square. Speeches reiterated that isolation is both illegal and inhumane. Activists called for the respect of the rights of Abdullah Öcalan and underlined how hunger strikers have reached a critical situation.


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