Hunger strike in Strasbourg reached day 127

via ANF-News

The 14 Kurdish activists on hunger strike in Strasbourg reiterated their determination in continuing their fast until isolation is lifted.

14 Kurdish activists have been on hunger strike for 127 days in Strasbourg demanding the end of the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The 14 activists have joined the hunger strike resistance led by HDP Hakkari deputy Leyla Guven demanding the end of isolation against Öcalan.

The hunger strikers are being visited by many citizens and politicians, artists and young people as well as members of their families since day one of their fast.

The hunger strike resistance of the 14 members of the Freedom for Öcalan Initiative was launched on 17 December 2018, with the slogan ‘Let’s break isolation, let’s destroy fascism’.

Although the health condition of the activists is getting worse day after day, they 14 hunger strikers reiterate their determination in continuing the fast until isolation is lifted.

The 14 hunger strikers are: Mustafa Sarıkaya, Gülistan Çiya İke, Dilek Öcalan, Nurgül Başaran, Yüksel Koç, Mehmet Nimet Sevim, Ramazan İmir, Kardo Bokani, Kerem Solhan, Deniz Sürgüt, Ayvaz Ece, Mohamad Ghaderi, Agit Ural, Ekrem Yapıcı.



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