From Amed to Strasbourg…

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Pelda Arşimet and Ekrem Yapıcı came to France 6 months ago, and soon heard of a hunger strike in Strasbourg against the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Pelda Arşimet from Silvan, province of Amed, met the Kurdish Freedom Struggle when she was a child.

His uncle and other members of her family have been involved in the struggle since the 1980s. Arşimet has been greatly influenced by them.

At the age of 15, she joined youth activities in Amed. In the following years, she got involved in DBP, women and unionist work and was detained in 2016.

Pelda Arşimet, who was imprisoned for 3 months, was carrying out political activities together with her husband, Ekrem Yapıcı, continues her political activities after being released.

Despite all the oppression and violence of the state, the couple wanted to remain and live in their land but were prevented for doing so and were forced to go into exile.

Pelda Arşimet and Ekrem Yapıcı came to France 6 months ago, and soon heard of a hunger strike in Strasbourg against the isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

No matter where, we will be there fighting

The couple wanted to join the indefinite hunger strike, but while Ekrem Yapici’s request was accepted by the Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Initiative and Pelda Arşimet’s demand was rejected. Yet Pelda did not want to leave her companion alone. Therefore, she got involved with the organising committee in the center where the hunger strike has been going on for 5 months.

Although Pelda Arşimet is physically in Strasbourg her mind is elsewhere. Fatma Arşimet, her 45 years old mother, is in Antalya L Type prison. She is seriously ill. And her daughter is constantly worried about her. Both her brothers have joined the guerrilla ranks against the oppression of the Turkish state. And she is living in exile.

Yet being in exile does not mean she is far from the struggle. “Amed, Strasbourg they are centres of resistance. Kurds have been resisting for 20 years in this city. Now this is part of our struggle. And wherever we need to be to resist, we will be there and fight.”

The hunger strike in Strasbourg has been going on for 126 days. “I am living the most meaningful 5 months of my life”, she said.

Pelda Arşimet said the the isolation policy carried out by the AKP is not limited to Imrali, but it is imposed on all the people of Kurdistan. She added that the hunger strike resistance led by Leyla Güven and joined by thousands of people in many parts of the world, including prisons, is an important step towards breaking the isolation imposed on the Kurdish people. “This is an epic resistance, – she said – because isolation is directed against all Kurdistan in the person of our leadership. Therefore, the struggle against it is comprehensive and so profound, it requires patience.”

Pelda Arşimet, who has been beside the hunger strikers for 5 months, treasures many memories. Although she swallowed words from time to time, she says that they get strength from the resistance of the activists. “I am living the most meaningful 5 months of my life,” she said and added: “Maybe we have been involved in the struggle since childhood. But you have the opportunity to get to know the PKK again.”

This is a great resistance, she said adding: “I’m very impressed. Everybody knows Heval Gulê [Gülistan Çiya Ike] has a heart problem. When I say ‘How are you heval Gûlê’, and I get her answer ‘very well’ I feel my heart learns the rhythm of the resistance. I’m just defining myself every day with these activists.”

Talking about her husband, Arşimet said: “Ekrem was very nervous in the past. Now he is the opposite. Quite calm, patient, doesn’t snatch back. Despite such a hunger and difficulty, this patience leaves me fascinated. He talked to everyone with great patience. This shows the sanctity of the action. Every passing day I have the happiest thoughts here. My most beautiful dreams, the most beautiful memories of myself are when I come here.”

Pelda Arşimet gets angry at the silence surrounding the hunger strikers. Yet she is optimistic and has hope.

“We have been aware of the fact that we have won every moment, minute, day. – she said – We wait for our final success.”


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