Strasbourg hunger strikers reached 133

via ANF-News

The 14 Kurdish activists in Strasbourg have reached day 133 of their fast demanding the end of isolation against Abdullah Öcalan.

The hunger strike in Strasbourg reached its 133rd day. The 14 Kurdish activists have joined the hunger strike resistance led by HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Guven demanding the end of isolation against Abdullah Öcalan.

Kurds and their friends in European countries are doing all they can to draw attention to the hunger strike resistance in Strasbourg and are well aware that the health of the 14 activists is badly shaken.

Doctor Fahrettin Gülşen has been monitoring hunger strikers in Strasbourg on a daily basis. He reports that they all suffered from heart, kidney and lungs problems.

The doctor said that these problems affecting the organs can lead to serious complications and warned about the critical situation the activists found themselves in.

The hunger strikers have been monitored since they began fasting. According to Fahrettin Gülşen, if the solution to the problem is not found in a short time, the damage to the activists’ organs can cause serious complications and even death.


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