Workers' Day message from Strasbourg hunger strikers

via ANF-News

The hunger strikers in Strasbourg issued a message to mark Workers’ Day. The activists called on everyone to be the voice of the resistance against isolation on 1 May.

The 14 activists on hunger strike in Strasbourg demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan have reached day 135 of their fast.

The activists made a statement to mark 1 May, Workers’ Day calling on the peoples of the world to join in the struggle against labor and exploitation and for the freedom of the Kurdish people. The statement also called on people to support the struggle against isolation.

Democratic Kurdish Society Congress (KCDK-E) co-chair Mr. Yüksel Koç spoke on behalf of the 14 activists on hunger strike, while Şükran Sincar spoke on behalf of the Organising Committee.

Yüksel Koç (KCDK-E co-chair): We want to commend everyone and especially President Apo on World Labor Day. We welcome 1 May at a very important and historical process. At a time when capitalist modernity in the world is experiencing crisis and chaos, all oppressed, labor movements and those who want freedom and equality in the world should be able to join in the common struggle on 1 May.

Both in the country and abroad hunger strikers have made significant gains against the state. It is in these times when the voice of workers, women, fighters must be one and resistance must be stepped up.

The AKP-MHP fascism received a significant defeat in the local elections and on Workers’ Day this common struggle should be brought to the highest level; the struggle for common democracy, freedom and equality should be increased.

President Apo isolation is not only imposed on him but on Kurds, but on Turkey’s labor movement and on those who want freedom and democracy. Therefore, our struggle is common. We call on everyone to join the voice of the mothers and break isolation.

Everyone should be united in demanding freedom for President Apo. We know that this resistance will succeed.

Şükran Sincar (Member of the Organising Committee): 1 May is a day when all workers, laborers, socialists get together to celebrate their achievements despite the blows they have received in terms of rights loss and exploitation. 1 May is a day that celebrates all the world’s laborers, workers, women, peoples and beliefs.

Therefore, it is a day when those who struggle against the capitalist system will get together, It is a day that all the workers and all the people next to them will fight and resist humanity against the exploitation of AKP and MHP fascism.

I believe that those who resist all injustice, especially women, should take to the streets on 1 May and step up the struggle for a democratic-socialism organisation system leading to a socialist life. I congratulate all the workers and the laborers.


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