Strasbourg hunger strikers: The resistance will go on

via ANF-News

Sarıkaya said that with the meeting with Öcalan, a more important, strategic point has been reached.

Speaking to the media in Strasbourg, Mustafa Sarıkaya expressed the position of the 14 hunger strikers following Öcalan’s lawyers press conference: “Isolation has not been lifted, therefore our resistance continues.”

Mustafa Sarıkaya said that the resistance against isolation came to a critical and historical stage and underlined the importance of the lawyers being able to meet with Öcalan. Pointing out that this is an important result in terms of the resistance against isolation, Sarıkaya said that with this meeting a more important, strategic point has been reached.

The meeting is an important development

The fact that lawyers were able to see Öcalan after 8 years is very important, said Sarıkaya.

“We cannot say that our demands have been met”, he added, saying that the activists are evaluating the process from all points of view.

Sarıkaya emphasized that the lawyers’ visit did not mean that Öcalan would be interviewed periodically. He continued: “This inhumane isolation against morality and conscience must be removed from the root. We cannot say that isolation has been ended because the lawyers held a meeting with Leader Apo. The lawyers said that both they and Leader Apo are not hopeful about the resumption of periodic negotiations. This means that it was a one off meeting. Therefore, we cannot say that isolation has ended.”

The resistance will go on

Referring to the statement made by prisoners, Mustafa Sarıkaya said that they, as activists in Strasbourg, agreed that the resistance would continue. “We cannot say that isolation is over. Therefore, our action continues. This resistance will continue until the isolation is lifted and this immoral policy abandoned.”

Sarıkaya stated that all the groups, especially mothers, who have joined the resistance against isolation, have welcomed the meeting with Öcalan, but he added, “as we said from day one of this protest, no more lies, no more deceit.”

Öcalan is thinking of his comrades

Referring to Öcalan’s words about the hunger strike and activists, Mustafa Sarıkaya said: “Leader Apo is of course such a great leader. He wouldn’t want a friend’s nose to bleed even. President Apo has been such a leader for 46 years.”

Saying that Öcalan is the leader of peace, solution, democracy, human rights and equality, Mustafa Sarıkaya emphasized that life could not be called life as long as there is a threat hanging on Öcalan’s head.

Talks with Öcalan would lead to a solution

Referring to the statements of Öcalan about Rojava, Sarıkaya said that a peaceful solution for Rojava and Northern Syria is linked to Northern Kurdistan. The Kurdish politician and hunger striker also underlined that no solution is possible without talks with Öcalan, because he is the one who opened the doors to the solution.

Başaran: This visit is important, but we need to see what will be the next step

Hunger striker Nurgül Başaran said: “Of course President Apo is the leader and forerunner of the resistance. This meeting with his lawyers after 8 years from the last one in July 2011 is of course an important development for us. It is an undeniable development. Maybe it’s one of the most important developments. Leyla Güven has reached day 180 of her hunger strike. We have reached day 141. The lawyers’ visit is of great importance for our people and the Kurdish Freedom Struggle. This has also given us great morale and enthusiasm. As our leaders says, ’it’s time to keep our heart, soul and brain intact. It’s time to grow the resistance.’”

Başaran added: “Now it is important to see what the next step will be. As we said from the first day of our resistance, we won’t stop until isolation is ended. The visit took place, but what is important is the next step. The death fast is on day seven. This meeting was a result achieved by the resistance.”


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