Strasbourg activists: AKP-MHP fascism will be defeated

via ANF-News

Yuksel Koc issued a statement in the name of the Strasbourg activists for the anniversary of the end of WWII and said: “Like Nazism, humanity’s bane that is Erdogan’s fascism will be defeated through the resistance of the peoples.”

The indefinite nonalternating hunger strikes held in Strasbourg, France protesting the aggravated isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan is on day 143 with 14 activists protesting the AKP-MHP fascism’s implementation of genocidal policies through cutting off Ocalan’s ties to the outside world.

KNK Member Nilufer Koc and Journalist Ferda Cetin were among the visitors to the Strasbourg resistance.


The activists had issued a statement after Ocalan held a meeting with his lawyers and said the one meeting after 8 years does not mean that the isolation is ended, and announced that they will continue the resistance.

Activist and Democratic Kurdish Society Congress Europe (KCDK-E) Co-chair Yuksel Koc issued a short statement on May 8, the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s surrender in the World War II, the bloodiest war in human history.

Koc spoke to the ANF and said: “Today is the 74th anniversary of the peoples’ resistance defeating racist policies of war. We remember all who resisted, all who paid the price in the name of humanity. They have shown once again that fascism is destined to fail every time.”

Koc pointed out that the racist Nazi mindset continues in different forms today: “Like the Hitler regime was defeated 74 years ago, today the AKP-MHP fascism will also fail. Our call for all KCDK-E constitutents is: An important blow was dealt to the fascism in our country with the resistance against ISIS. They have been dealt a taste of defeat. Today we can defeat AKP-MHP fascism with the spirit of resistance and the joint struggle of the peoples. Joint struggle has always defeated fascism. The peoples will prevail. Fascism will lose.”


There are lawyers, academics, journalists, politicians and patriots among the 14 activists from the Freedom for Ocalan Initiative who have been on a hunger strike in Strasbourg for 143 days protesting the isolation. Other activists in the hunger strike are: Gulistan Ike, Dilek Ocalan, Nurgul Basaran, Mustafa Sarikaya, Deniz Surgut, Mehmet Nimet Sevim, Agit Ural, Mohamed Ghaderi, Ekrem Yapici, Ayvaz Ece, Kardo Bokani, Kerem Solhan ve Ramazan Imir.


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